Hindustan Times, New Delhi

In her Bhajan, which brought out her talents best, she blended the classical, folk and thumri traditions inextricably via expressive development.Indra has a rich, sweet voice backed by sound training and is an artist who should go far.

Times of India, Chandigarh

“Gifted with a voice well suited for Thumri Gayan, her obsession for Thumri and Dadra is evident from her repertoire.”

“If Technical virtuosity is the backbone of a classical singer, the power to emote well, helps a Thumri singer in building up the mood. With her closed eyes hand movements, Indra accentuates the emotional intensity in her renderings.

Chandigarh Newsline

Indra, Who is an accomplished vocalist, outdid herself in presentation and aesthetic elaboration. She swayed the audience by the melody of her Dadra in “Raaga Mishra Pilu.”

The Hindu, New Delhi

..a richly intoned and expressive voice, an imaginative and lyrical temperament and a feeling for a compact design and mutually related sequences- the result of sound training.

Indra’s voice and utterance tended to exercise an almost hypnotic effect. Indra’s expression, warm and convincing went to the heart. Her note intensely felt , carries straight home and is th very salt of all great music . when hitting in the eye, her ground Shadja sounds very attractive.

Hindustan Times, Chadigarh Live

She amply demonstrated that classical music too pays great heed to lyrical content and not just raag swaroop. Her performance was steeped in knowledge of the raag but the key word here was emphasis on the expressive facets of music. Her melodious voice presented the specialties of her Gharana at its very best.

ENADU, Vijaywada

Her rhythmic Pattern and expression on which the swara combinations were modelled revealed her musical acumen, which touched the heart of the people of Vijaywada.